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Position on Scottish independence

The University's governing body sets out its neutral stance.

The University of Edinburgh recognises that a range of views, both for and against independence, are held within our large and diverse community of students, staff and alumni. Given that diversity of views, the governing body of the University of Edinburgh (the University Court), has decided that the University will continue to be neutral on Scottish independence. It would of course scrutinise and challenge all sides if another referendum on independence were held – as it did in 2014 – to set out how they would ensure the continued success of the higher education sector in Scotland.

In addition, the University is firmly committed to being a platform for debate if another referendum were held and would doubtless host events at which all options in the debate are put under critical scrutiny. The University would also encourage our academics to bring their expertise to bear – in the same way as it does around other issues that relate to their research and/or their profession.

Update: The University Court agreed at its meeting on 14 June 2021 to reaffirm the above statement and its neutral stance.