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Chair of Extreme Conditions Engineering: Konstantin Kamenev

Professor Konstantin Kamenev has been made Chair of Extreme Conditions Engineering.

Konstantin Kamenev

Professor Kamenev is Head of the Graduate School of Engineering and Associate Director of the Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions.

A theoretical physics graduate from Donetsk State University, Professor Kamenev gained a PhD from the Institute for Single Crystals in Kharkov. He took a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Warwick before moving to Edinburgh in 1999.

Initially a lecturer in physics, Professor Kamenev moved to the School of Engineering in 2002, where he became a senior lecturer and then a reader.

His research activities include instrumentation development for research in extreme conditions.

He has developed techniques for computer modelling of stresses and deformations, as well as temperature and field gradients in materials and equipment performing in extreme environments.

He has designed a number of novel devices for a variety of applications in both university laboratories and at large-scale neutron and synchrotron facilities.

These enabled unique research into the structural, chemical, magnetic and electronic properties of materials at extremes of pressures, temperatures and magnetic fields.

Professor Kamenev is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.