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Senate elections update

Nominations for elected academic staff members of Senate, the University’s supreme academic body, have now closed. 

Elections to senate occur each year. This year there are 130 positions available to staff in our academic staff community, with 98 nominations received.

Categories where elections are required 

An election will be held in the following categories. Lists of candidates and candidate statements are available at the links below (EASE login required). 

Categories where elections are not required 

In these categories, the number of nominations received was equal to or fewer than the number of vacancies: 

  • Elected academic staff (Professorial) - College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 
  • Elected academic staff (non-Professorial) - College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine  
  • Elected academic staff (Professorial) - College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine  

This means election will not be held for these categories and all nominees will be elected to Senate unopposed for a three-year term. 

Voting in the Senate Elections  

Voting will be held online, opening on 19 April and closing on 26 April at 12 noon.  

The election will be conducted by Civica Electoral Services and staff on the electoral roll will receive an email from Civica Electoral Services when voting opens on 19 April.  

 The full election results will be announced on the Senate webpages by 19 May.  

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For more information, please see the Senate webpages