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Rector election 2024: nominations now open

Nominations have now opened for the position of University Rector.

The role of the Rector

The University Rector plays an important role in the University’s governing body, University Court, and has a long and prestigious lineage dating back to 1859. The Rector's main role is to preside at University Court and work with staff, students and the Students' Association to understand issues important to them.

Who can become a Rector?

The role of Rector is open to individuals who are not currently a member of staff or a student at the University. Candidates are external figures who are supported by the University community.

The role of the Rector

Submitting a nomination

Staff and matriculated students can all play a part in deciding the next University Rector.

It is the responsibility of staff and students to reach out to people they think could be potential candidates and ask them to consider the position.

Each nomination must be supported by no fewer than 60 staff or students. More information on this, including the nomination form, can be found below:

How to nominate

Nomination forms must be sent to the email address below by 12 noon, on 5 February 2024. Candidates running in the election will then be confirmed by 12 February 2024.


Full information on the role of the Rector, nominations and the election timeline can be found on the Elect your Rector webpages, below.


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