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New Staff Disability Advice Service launches

The University has launched a Staff Disability Advice Service (SDAS) to provide confidential support and guidance to colleagues who are disabled, deaf and/or neurodivergent.

It’s part of the University’s commitment to creating equal opportunities across our workforce, promoting a culture where diversity is championed and disabled staff are supported to reach their full potential.

Staff and their line managers can access the SDAS for information about potential reasonable adjustments in the workplace. The service can also help with applications to Access to Work, a government fund run by the Department for Work and Pensions to support disabled people in work.

Access to Work


The SDAS is the result of an extensive development and research process, involving collaboration with multiple University departments and benchmarking against services provided in other universities and public sector organisations. Initial feedback on the service has been positive, with 100% of respondents stating that their query or referral was responded to promptly.

It’s founded on the principles of the social model of disability, guided by the first-hand experiences of disabled people. Staff members don’t need to provide medical proof or diagnosis of a disability, neurodivergence or health condition to access advice and support from the service.

I found the staff listened to the issues I have and they did help. I would definitely recommend the service.

SDAS staff member referral feedback

I felt supported as a manager to identify and put in place the adjustments needed to improve my staff member's wellbeing and performance at work.

SDAS staff member referral feedback
The Staff Disability Advisor stands in front of a promotional banner stand for the service at a launch event
Naomi Waite, Staff Disability and Wellbeing Adviser, attending the launch of the service

The University is constantly working to create an environment where staff members feel confident to disclose a disability, and where diversity is embraced. The SDAS is a significant step towards this commitment, offering a platform for open communication for disabled staff and their managers to be supported and find ways to remove or reduce barriers in the workplace.

Naomi WaiteStaff Disability and Wellbeing Adviser

Making a staff referral

Making a self-referral

About the Staff Disability Advice Service

Phone: 0131 651 4252