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Staff working abroad survey

We are asking all staff who are currently working outside of the UK to complete a short survey.

As a leading international University, we often have staff working abroad, whether that be short-term assignments, exchange programmes or more permanent appointments. More recently, due to the impacts of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on international travel, many staff have returned to home countries abroad to temporarily work from home, and to be with family during lockdown periods.

With countries regularly updating financial and legal regulations to reflect the increased global workforce working remotely, we want to ensure that arrangements for our staff working abroad conform to international regulations. The importance of this has also been made more urgent by the exit of the UK from the European Union.

We are asking staff that are currently working abroad to take part in a short survey that seeks to give a comprehensive view of our staff community overseas, and give us the insight we need to support you and if necessary, to put appropriate arrangements in place.

If you are currently working from a country outside the UK, please click the link below to start the survey:

Staff working abroad survey

The survey aims to cover all staff working abroad:

a. regardless of length of time already spent/to be spent abroad

b. regardless of the reason for working abroad

c. including students employed by the University e.g. in tutoring, ambassador roles.

We understand that some of managers or departments may have already collected your working abroad details. However, this important institution-wide survey will inform what pan-University services we may need to develop to best inform and support our working abroad staff community and their managers.

The deadline for responses is Friday 12 February. 

Support is available to ensure staff and line managers understand the impact of working abroad and budget accurately. Requests from staff to work abroad (including from newly recruited staff) should be reviewed alongside advice from the Working Abroad team ( to ensure we conform to country specific regulations.