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New trustee appointed for Staff Benefit Scheme

Ashley Shannon, Director of Operations in the Corporate Services Group, has been appointed as the new trustee of the University’s Staff Benefit Scheme.

The previous trustee, Bruce Nelson from the College of Science & Engineering, retired on 31 May 2021 and Ashley Shannon took up this role on 1 July 2021 following nomination from the Principal and approval from the Court Exception Committee. Ashley will hold this role for an initial three year term.

The role of Trustee

The role of the Trustees is to manage the running of the Staff Benefits Scheme, which is open to those in grades UE01-UE05, in accordance with the Trust Deed and Rules. The Trustees are responsible for the financial, investment and record keeping of the scheme and their primary role is to ensure that benefits are paid in accordance with the Scheme Rules and that there are sufficient funds available to pay these benefits.

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