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More staff counselling appointments now available through EAP

The University has now launched an Employee Assistance Programme which aims to support staff by offering more counselling appointments with shorter wait times.

The University is working in partnership with external provider, MCL Medics, to deliver an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to staff. 

The EAP will be in place for 12 months, up until November 2022, and has been introduced as a way of supporting the existing University Staff Counselling Service to offer more counselling appointments to staff who need them, reducing the current waiting list. 

How does it work 

MCL Medics will work closely with our existing University Staff Counselling Service to best support staff who require counselling appointments.  

University staff choosing to use the EAP counselling service can experience a much shorter wait time for their counselling service to commence, and can access up to 6 counselling sessions (Short Term Therapy), with trained MCL Medics Counsellors via telephone or video call.​  

The service is also available to staff partners and dependents (living in the same household aged 18 and over). 

Other benefits also come with the EAP, including access to a legal and financial helpline. 

Find out more 

Full details of the EAP counselling service, and how to book an appointment, can be found on the University Staff Counselling Service website:  

Counselling through the EAP