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Voucher Reward Scheme update

Changes are being made to the Voucher Reward Scheme, which will apply to all nominations made from 13 January 2020.

The process of receiving gift cards, as well as submitting nominations for voucher rewards, will now be completed electronically.

The University will be making the transition from paper gift cards/vouchers, which have to be collected from Charles Stewart House, to e-gift cards or physical gift cards which can be selected online via an emailed link.

This will simplify the process and will also improve the employee experience, allowing them to select gift cards from over 100 retailers without having to travel to another location.

Submitting nominations for Voucher Rewards

Nominating managers will be required to submit nominations to authorising managers via a Nominating Manager Spreadsheet. This will enable authorising managers to view all the information they need to authorise a nomination, and will more closely mirror the automated process that will be implemented later this year as part of the Service Excellence Programme.

When submitting a Voucher Reward nomination, managers are asked to be mindful of the University’s values which can be found within Strategy 2030.

Further information relating to this new Voucher Reward process and individual procedures can be found on the HR Sharepoint pages.

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