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Court and Senate Elections 2020

Elected positions on the University Court and Senate are now open for nominations from staff.

All staff have the opportunity to put themselves, or a colleague, forward for elected positions within the University Court and Senate.

Information on the positons available can be found below. The deadline for submitting nominations is noon on Thursday 5 March 2020.

Court elections

Court is the University’s governing body, and its roles and responsibilities are broadly focused on strategy, making final decisions on matters of fundamental concern to the University, and effective corporate governance.

There are two new positions are being introduced at Court this year:

  • Professional Services Staff Member on University Court – for a Professional Services member of staff nominated and elected by Professional Services staff
  • Academic Staff Member on University Court - an Academic staff member nominated and elected by Academic staff

The membership of the Court, which totals 23, is drawn from a range of internal and external sources. Court currently meet five times a year on Monday, with two additional seminars held around the beginning and the middle of each academic year. Court committees normally meet between three and six times a year on various days of the week.

Court members are also invited to attend a number of University ceremonial events and some social events throughout the year.

For more information:

Professional Services Staff Member

Academic Staff Member

Senate elections

The Senatus Academicus (Senate) is the University’s supreme academic body. Its core function is to oversee the learning, teaching and discipline of the University and to promote its research.

As a Senate member, you will be part of a vital University forum for communication and consultation, bringing together elected academic staff, student representatives and senior University leadership.

Senate holds three annual meetings, at which it hosts presentation and discussion sessions on key strategic themes, open to all members of staff.

Changes to Senate

As a result of recent legislation in the Scottish Parliament, the composition of Senate is changing significantly.

Senate has agreed that it should be smaller, reducing to 230 elected positions and 80 appointed positions – 200 of these positions are open for nomination now.

For more information:

Senate member

Key dates

5 March: Nominations the roles within Court and Senate will close at noon

24 – 26 March: Elections for Court and Senate roles will be held

1 August: The successful candidates will take up office

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