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Staff trio win Royal Society medals

Three Edinburgh academics have been recognised for their outstanding contributions to science.

Professors Adrian Bird, William Hill and Cait MacPhee are among the winners of prestigious medals presented by The Royal Society.

Awarded annually since 1825, this year’s recipients join the ranks of renowned scientists including Fred Sanger, Max Perutz and Francis Crick.

Buchanan Medal

Sir Adrian Bird, the University’s Buchanan Professor of Genetics, has been awarded the Buchanan Medal.

Professor Bird was recognised for his genetic discoveries about the role of the MeCP2 protein in Rett Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder.

Darwin Medal

The Darwin Medal was awarded to Professor William Hill, Emeritus Professor of Animal Genetics.

Professor Hill received the award for his contribution to our understanding of the genetics of quantitative traits and response to selection.

Gabor Medal

Cait MacPhee, Professor of Biological Physics, has been awarded the Gabor Medal.

The award was made for Professor MacPhee’s contributions to understanding protein aggregation that inform approaches to diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes, and to the creation of self-assembled functional biopolymers.

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