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Consent Collective training

Staff and students are invited to a series of events designed to create discussion around sex, relationships, consent, gender and sexual harassment.

Workshops, online content and interactive events will take place from 2 to 4 October 2018 across the University.

The programme is delivered by the Consent Collective in partnership with the Students’ Association.

The Consent Collective is a not for profit collaboration of experts, activists and performers who help organisations and communities talk about consent, sexual harassment and domestic abuse.

The following sessions are now open for booking for staff and students:

  • “#MeToo Surviving University”: a workshop on surviving life at university for any student at the University who has experienced any form of sexual or domestic abuse.
  • “How to be good in bed”: a live game show where a panel of experts, activists and performers answer questions on sex, consent, pleasure, power and relationships.
  • “Finding pleasure after pain”: a workshop on sex, intimacy and relationships for any student at the University who has experienced any form of sexual or domestic abuse.

Full details and bookings for each event can be found on the Consent Collective website below and by following #NoExcuse.

A series of short films will be made available for streaming during October which help staff understand and respond to students who have experienced any form of sexual violence:

  • Why is this bigger than sexual assault on campus? This video explains why university staff need to think much more broadly than just experiences of sexual violence that happen at university.
  • How might your students be affected? This video explains the impact sexual violence can have on students including how it may affect the ways in which students engage with their education.
  • How to respond if someone discloses to you? This is a frank description of how to remain calm and offer compassionate support should a student or fellow member of staff tell you they’ve experienced any form of sexual violence.

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