Staff news

Adverse weather guidelines

With snow warnings issued across many parts of Scotland, staff are reminded that they can consult the University’s Adverse Weather Policy.

The University is now back to being open across all campuses.

A Met Office yellow weather warning is still in place for central Scotland and lying snow and ice remain in some areas, so please exercise caution. We recognise that it may still be challenging for those of you in the more remote, outlying areas which may still be suffering transport disruption. Anyone seeking guidance should refer to the University’s Adverse Weather Policy (information below).

Adverse Weather Policy

The policy includes guidelines to assist staff members and their line managers when adverse weather conditions may affect an individual’s ability to travel to work.

The guidelines cover the issues most commonly raised when bad weather arises.

Advice for staff

These guidelines should form the basis for advice offered to staff who are experiencing problems brought about by extreme weather conditions.

To keep up to date with public transport news, staff should visit the website of their local transport provider.

Information on working from home, including connecting to your University computer, can be found at

School closures

With many schools closed due to the severe weather, staff are reminded that they can request emergency time off to care for their dependants.

Staff affected should contact their line manager as soon as possible to discuss any adjustments that may need to be made to their working arrangements.  

Given the number of staff who may be impacted, line managers will aim to be as flexible as possible, whilst minimising disruption to students and the University at large.

Information on the University’s ‘Time off for Dependants’ policy can be found below.

To keep up to date with school closure news, staff should visit their local Council website.

Managers wishing further information should contact their College/ Support Group HR department.