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Business bootcamp for academic staff

Take part in a two-day business bootcamp to learn how to transform your research into something with commercial potential.

The event on Tuesday 16 May and Monday 22 May is open to all academic staff, postdocs and other academic researchers and support staff at Edinburgh.

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Attendees will gain practical tools and techniques that can be used to validate and test ideas for commercialisation. These will cover:

  • Articulating the problem that your idea or technology can solve
  • Exploring potential customers for your idea
  • Documenting and sharing your idea using the Lean Canvas
  • Identifying potential business models and iterate it based on customer feedback
  • Pitching – learn how to engage people in conversation about why your idea matters
  • Starting your entrepreneurial journey - what are the next steps you need to take?

Commercial ideas

You may already have an idea you are working on or just have some general ideas.

Attendees asked to come to the event with a business idea to work on. However, there is no obligation to take this forward.

If you are interested in the next steps, the event team will finish off day two with a guide to the commercialisation process at the University of Edinburgh. 

Event details

The bootcamp takes place over 2 days:

  • Tuesday 16th May, 9am - 2pm (includes lunch)
  • Monday 22nd May, 9am - 2pm (includes lunch)

Venue: Room 1206C ib, James Clarke Maxwell Building (JCMB), Kings Buildings

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