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The latest Teaching Matters blogpost focuses on recognising and rewarding excellent teaching.

The blogpost is written by Alan Murray, Professor of Neural Electronics, Assistant Principal, Academic Support and Head of the Institute for BioEngineering at the University of Edinburgh.

In it he discusses:

  • Exemplars of Excellence in Student Education
  • Criteria for the Award of the Title of Personal Chair
  • Criteria for the Award of the Title of Reader
  • Referees/Assessors for Academic Promotions
  • Academic Recruitment Toolkit


Over the past few years, we have all worked hard to improve the student experience. In parallel, work has been going on in the background on the staff experience – particularly to improve recognition and reward for excellent teaching and the hard, dedicated work that it entails. This work will be nugatory unless colleagues know about the opportunities created, take up these opportunities and are seen to be doing so.

Professor Alan MurrayChair of Neural Electronics and Assistant Principal Academic Support


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