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Literary scholar joins Spanish Royal Academy

Professor Alexis Grohmann, Chair of Contemporary Spanish Literature, has been appointed to Spain’s Royal Academy.

Photo of Professor Alexis Grohmann

Professor Grohmann was elected as a Corresponding Member of the Real Academia Española in a secret ballot held during the institution’s most recent plenary session.

As the sole member from Scotland, he joins an illustrious group of academics from around the globe.

Royal institution

Founded in 1713, the Real Academia Española is the official royal institution responsible for oversight of the Spanish language around the world.

It aims to ensure that the Spanish language maintains its unity as it continuously adapts to the needs of its speakers. Amongst other initiatives, the institution publishes the most comprehensive dictionary of the Spanish language.

Members of the Real Academia Española are all distinguished writers, artists, academics and scientists.


Professor Grohmann, born in Thessaloniki, Greece, has a BA in Film & Media Studies and Spanish from the University of Stirling, and an MA in Critical & Cultural Theory from Cardiff University.

He gained a PhD from the University of Edinburgh with the help of a Faculty of Arts Scholarship.

He has worked as a lecturer in Spanish at the University of Stirling and at the University of St Andrews, where he was also Head of Department.

To be elected, by such an extraordinary and admirable group of writers, scientists, creative artists and scholars, to the institution that has cared so steadfastly and elegantly for the Spanish language and its culture for centuries, is an unimaginable honour and privilege, and is also a recognition of the work we do at the University.

Professor Alexis Grohmann

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