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Chemist wins prestigious award

Dr Stephen Thomas is the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Hickinbottom Award winner for 2016.

Stephen Thomas

Dr Thomas’ research group seeks to develop sustainable methods for chemical synthesis, which can been achieved by replacing toxic and environmentally damaging precious metals with abundant alternatives such as iron.

Hickenbottom Award

The Hickinbottom Award is for contributions to any area of organic chemistry from a researcher under the age of 35.

Dr Thomas receives £2,000, a medal and certificate, and will undertake a UK lecture tour.

He also receives the £4,000 Briggs Scholarship to support one of his research students.

Research prize

Award winners are evaluated for the originality and impact of their research, as well as the quality of the results which can be shown in publications, patents, or even software.

The awards also recognise the importance of teamwork across the chemical sciences, and the abilities of individuals to develop successful collaborations.

This is great news and an excellent boost for the group and myself.

Dr Stephen ThomasSchool of Chemistry

Pioneering work

An illustrious list of 47 previous winners of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s awards have gone on to win Nobel Prizes for their pioneering work, including Harry Kroto, Fred Sanger and Linus Pauling.

It is an honour to recognise the illustrious achievements of our prize and award winners in our 175th anniversary year. We are proud to celebrate and support the work of inspiring and influential individuals, whose work has the potential to improve so many lives.

Dr Robert ParkerChief Executive, Royal Society of Chemistry

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