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Be Bright Be Seen

With the days getting shorter and nights drawing in, cyclists are reminded of the importance of using lights and wearing bright clothes.

Be Bright Be Seen

Lights and reflectors

  • At night, cycles must be fitted with a lit front (white), and rear (red) light. If you do not use both lights at night you risk a £30 fine.
  • All cycles must be fitted with a rear red reflector, and amber pedal reflectors.


  • Cyclists in dark coloured clothing are much harder for drivers to see. Highly visible fluorescent clothing and reflective accessories are recommended for cycling at night to help drivers to better see cyclists.
  • Bright or highly visible clothing and the use of lights are recommended for cycling in low light conditions (dawn, dusk or wet/overcast weather periods).

Over 50 per cent of Edinburgh’s cycle casualties in November, December and January were injured when it was dark - being bright and being seen helps to make our streets safer for all.

Vehicles - What Cyclist?

The right hand turn

  • Check for approaching cyclists before turning right into, or turning right out of junctions. Before turning right you should always wait until there is a clearly visible safe gap between you and approaching traffic.


  • Take care by looking closely for approaching cyclists since it can be difficult:  to clearly see cyclists as they can blend into the background street scene, or can be hidden from view behind larger vehicles to determine the speed of approaching cyclists (speeds can exceed 20mph).

Almost 50 per cent of Edinburgh’s 256 serious cyclist injuries between 2006 and 2010 were linked to other vehicles carrying out turning manoeuvres. Of note: the driver of the other vehicle failed to look properly (90 occasions), the driver failed to judge the cyclist’s path or speed (41 occasions).

Checking for approaching cyclists helps to make our streets safer for all.