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Automatic pension re-enrolment

Since March 2013, the University has been required to automatically enrol all eligible staff into a workplace pension.

Employees who have been automatically enrolled have the right to opt out of their pension saving should they wish, but every three years the University is required to automatically re-enrol all eligible staff who have previously opted out.

Automatic re-enrolment

The University’s re-enrolment date is 1 April 2016.

From that date, if you are between 22 and state pension age, earn £833 or more in any given month and have previously opted out of pensions saving, you will be automatically re-enrolled into a workplace pension scheme and contributions will be deducted from your April salary. 

Opting out

You have the right to opt out of pensions saving should you wish, but the legislation does not permit you to opt out in advance of being re-enrolled through your April pay. 

Opt out must be made within the relevant timescale using the appropriate form, which is available from your pension provider. 

If you do not meet the criteria for automatic re-enrolment in April as stated above you will not be automatically enrolled into a pension scheme, but:

  • You can elect to join a scheme in April
  • You can elect to join a scheme at any time in the future
  • You will be auto-enrolled in a future if you meet the criteria

Pension schemes

Employees on grades UE01-UE05 will be automatically enrolled into the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST). Once enrolled, employees will receive a letter from NEST with details of their unique enrolment ID along with details of how to opt out should they wish.

Employees on grades UE06-UE10 will be automatically enrolled into Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS). Should an employee wish to opt out of USS, an opt out form can be downloaded from the USS website and sent to the Pensions Office.

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