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Marking boycott: information

The University and College Union (UCU) has called on its members to participate in a marking boycott, which will be implemented from 28 April.

The boycott is in connection with a national salary dispute.

Information and detailed guidance is available for staff and students, and will be updated regularly. Guidance has also been issued to Boards of Examiners.

UCU marking boycott: guidance

UCU marking boycott: guidance

Approach and planning

The University’s approach to the industrial action is to minimise the impact on students without compromising academic standards.

It is hoped the boycott will not cause widespread disruption to assessments, although some interruption is expected.

All examinations will proceed as normal, and the University intends to hold graduations at the planned times in June and July.

Boards of Examiners are expected to meet as scheduled, and colleagues should plan accordingly.