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Nominate your Rector

Staff and students are invited to nominate candidates for the role of University Rector.

The Rector is elected for a period of three years, with the primary role of presiding at the University Court.

He/she also chairs meetings of the General Council in absence of the Chancellor and works closely with the student body and EUSA.

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All current staff and students are eligible to nominate candidates.

Nominees must provide written confirmation that they accept the nomination, which must be supported by a minimum of 40 signatures from the electorate.

Nominations close at noon on Tuesday 13 January 2015 and online voting will take place via MyEd on 10 and 11 February.

Rectorial Election 2015

Nominations close: 13 January 2015

Nominate your Rector

Prestigious history

The position of Rector has a long and prestigious history.

It has been held by Prime Ministers Dr Gordon Brown, Sir Winston Churchill and Earl Kitchener, scientist Sir Alexander Fleming, actor James Robertson Justice, musician Donnie Munro and footballer John Colquhoun.

Journalist Muriel Gray is the only woman to have served as Rector.

Further information

For further details on the election, including deadlines, postal voting, information packs and the history of the Rector's role, visit the Rectorial Election 2015 website.

For additional information on the regulations governing the nomination process, contact Dr Katherine Novosel.

Dr Katherine Novosel

Head of Court Services

  • Governance and Strategic Planning
  • The University of Edinburgh

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