Staff news

Five gain top Academy status

Five staff have been awarded Principal Fellowships of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) in recognition of the impact of their contribution to teaching and learning.

Students in a lecture

They are the first Edinburgh staff to receive the highest status conferred by the HEA, the UK’s national, independent and government-funded organisation that contributes towards the professionalisation of university teaching.

The five Principal Fellows are:

  • Jamie Davies, Professor of Experimental Anatomy, School of Biomedical Sciences
  • Tonks Fawcett, Professor of Student Learning (Nurse Education), School of Health in Social Science
  • Alan Murray, Professor and Dean of Students, School of Engineering
  • Professor Susan Rhind, Chair of Veterinary Medical Education, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies
  • Dr Sue Rigby, Vice-Principal Learning and Teaching

Supporting role

The University’s Institute for Academic Development (IAD) supported the five staff to develop their applications as the IAD works towards a Continuing Professional Development Framework for Learning and Teaching, mapped against the UK Professional Standards Framework.

The IAD aims to help students and staff succeed in their current roles and in their future careers.

The IAD has been working with the Senatus Learning and Teaching Committee to develop a coherent overarching framework for CPD for learning and teaching. I am delighted that senior colleagues are leading the way with this work by seeking professional recognition and contributing to the recognition and mentoring of others within the scheme.

Dr Velda McCuneIAD Deputy Director and Head of Learning and Teaching