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Electronics purchasing pledge

The University has become the first higher education institution in the UK to join Electronics Watch.

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Electronics Watch is an EU-funded monitoring organisation working to achieve respect for labour rights in the global electronics industry through socially responsible public purchasing.

As a founding affiliate of Electronics Watch, the University will encourage electronics suppliers to disclose factory locations so that labour conditions can be monitored.

Country profiles, thematic research, factory surveys and investigative reports by Electronics Watch will help to demonstrate whether codes of conduct are being met.

We want to become the world’s first socially responsible university. This means that we need to consider our impact in our investments, purchases, and in all of our activities.

Dave GormanDirector of Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Continuing commitment

In 2004, Edinburgh became the first Fairtrade University in Scotland, and in 2012 the University affiliated with the Workers’ Rights Consortium to uphold labour standards in clothing.

The University is currently reviewing its investment strategy.

We celebrated Scotland's first anniversary as a Fair Trade Nation this year. It is fitting that we continue to engage with producers and providers of our goods and services by joining Electronics Watch as part of our longstanding commitment to work with our students on global challenges in poverty.

Karen BowmanDirector of Procurement