Staff news

Innovating learning

The University is launching a dedicated week of innovative learning.

physics and astronomy teaching

The Innovative Learning Week will take place during 20-24 February 2012, the sixth week of the second semester.

Working together

During this week, regular teaching on most courses will be replaced with a programme of activities designed to help staff and students work together to explore new ways of learning.

Some of the planned activities include:

  • student-led workshops
  • conferences
  • transferable skills workshops
  • cv and career preparation
  • local field trips
  • project work
  • Q&A panel sessions
  • film screenings and discussions
  • a Gaelic festival.

Enhancing teaching

The Innovative Learning Week is just one of the initiatives the University has this year introduced to enhance the student experience.

Among these are extensions to the degree transcript, improvements to feedback provision and new assessment regulations.

Recording achievement

The University has introduced the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR), an extended version of the degree transcript that includes information about students’ non-credit bearing activities.

All students graduating from summer 2012 will receive the HEAR.

Feedback and assessment

This year the Learning and Teaching Committee will review Schools’ activities to enhance feedback provision for students.

The University has also introduced new taught assessment regulations that incorporate undergraduate and postgraduate taught regulations in one document.

Staff development events will update conveners and other key members of boards of examiners.