Staff news

Staff information roadshows

A new Easter Bush date has been added to the University's series of staff information roadshows.

These events will provide staff with information and updates on University activity and future directions.

A panel will discuss the University’s current financial position, the context of reductions in public funding, savings, growth, income stream diversification, estate matters, and topical issues relating to staff, including the removal of the retirement age.

Panel of speakers

The speakers will be:

  • April McMahon, Vice-Principal for Planning, Resources & Research Policy
  • Jon Gorringe, Director of Finance
  • Alexis Cornish, Director of Planning
  • Angus Currie, Director of Estates & Buildings
  • Sheila Gupta, Director of Human Resources

Dates and venues

Half an hour will be allocated for the panel presentation, followed by 30 minutes for questions from staff.

Attendees will be provided with a sandwich lunch at each session.

The events will be held at five University sites throughout January and February.

Little France

The Little France event will take place on 27 January at the Chancellor’s Building.


Sandwich lunch

Thursday 27 January 2011, 12.00pm-12.30pm

The Common Room


Thursday 27 January 2011, 12.30pm-1.30pm

NRIE UOE Auditorium B, small lecture theatre

King’s Buildings

The King’s Buildings event will take place on 2 February at the James Clerk Maxwell Building.


Sandwich lunch

Wednesday 2 February 2011, 12.30pm-1.10pm

area outside JCMB Lecture Theatre A


Wednesday 2 February 2011, 1.10pm-2.10pm

JCMB Lecture Theatre A

Central Area

The Central Area event will take place on 10 February at Appleton Tower.


Sandwich lunch

Thursday 10 February 2011, 12.00pm-12.40pm

Ground Floor, near café


Thursday 10 February 2011, 12.40pm-1.40pm

Lecture Theatre 3


The Roslin event will take place on 24 February at the main Roslin Institute building.



Thursday 24 February 2011, 12.15pm-1.15pm

Conference Hall

Sandwich Lunch

Thursday 24 February 2011, 1.15pm-2.00pm

Conference Hall

Western General Hospital

The Western General Hospital event will take place on 25 February.



Friday 25 February 2011, 12.15pm-1.15pm

Fourth floor lecture theatre, outpatient building

Sandwich lunch

Friday 25 February 2011, 1.15pm-2.00pm

Third floor lounge, outpatient building

Easter Bush

The Easter Bush event will take place on 28 February at the Vet School.


Sandwich lunch

Monday 28 February 2011, 1.00pm-1.30pm

The View Canteen, 2nd floor only


Monday 28 February 2011, 1.30pm-2.30pm

Upper Lecture Theatre, first floor