Staff news

University card smartens up

The University is launching a new smartcard to replace the existing staff, student and visitor cards.

University smartcard

The new cards will be issued throughout the second half of 2011.

New technology

Blue in colour, the new card contains a microchip that securely holds essential data.

This technology will enable staff, students and visitors to use their card for cashless payment and contactless door entry, where facilities exist.

The card retains the magnetic strip for swipe door access and the bar code for library membership, and should still be used by staff, students and visitors as a form of identity.

Replacement process

Distribution of the new cards will be phased.

Information Services is liaising with schools and departments to arrange appropriate timescales.

Staff, students and visitors will be informed of arrangements for replacing their existing card, prior to their School or department’s roll-out date.

Where units retain local door access control, an additional card administered by that unit may be required for entry.