Staff news

EPSRC award to speech expert

Dr Junichi Yamagishi of the School of Informatics has been awarded an EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship worth more than £900,000 over five years.

These highly sought-after awards provide funding to outstanding researchers who are at an early stage of their career.

Career development

Fellowships are granted to support the recipient to develop an independent career of international standing by the end of the award period.

Dr Yamagishi is a member of the University’s Centre for Speech Technology Research.

His research interests are in speech information processing with a particular focus on statistical speech synthesis.

September awards

Dr Yamagishi’s award was one of 23 granted to the College of Science & Engineering during the month of September, new figures from ERI reveal.

The awards total granted to the College reached just under £5 million, exceeding the sum it received for the same period in the previous year.


The College of Humanities & Social Sciences received 24 awards during September, and six of those were granted to the newly formed Edinburgh College of Art.

Among these was a six-figure sum from the European Commission for Dr Stefan Bilbao’s sound synthesis project.


The College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine earned an awards total of more than £8 million, significantly exceeding the sum received for the same period in the previous year.

Grants awarded included more than £2 million for the School of Molecular and Clinical Medicine’s psychiatry training programme, psySTAR.