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Health and safety excellence

The University has received international recognition for achieving high standards in health and safety.

Lawrence Dickson and Julie Nerney
Lawrence Dickson, Health and Safety Training and Audit Coordinator and Julie Nerney, British Safety Council Chief Executive

It has received the International Safety Award, given by the British Safety Council and supported by the Health and Safety Executive.

Commitment and success

The award recognises the commitment that recipients have made in improving corporate health and safety and rewards success in performing well.

The International Safety Award received applications from all industries and sectors from around the world.

An independently adjudicated panel select awardees based on evidence that demonstrates how an organisation maintains high standards of health and safety standards on the ground.

This year we decided to raise the bar for the International Safety Awards and by doing so we have seen an exceptional standard of applications. It is great to have such dedicated organisations with us on the journey towards excellent health and safety standards.

Julie NerneyBritish Safety Council Chief Executive

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