Staff news

Grant to prevent TB spread

Roslin researcher Dr Jayne Hope has received five-figure funding for her research contributing to the protection of cattle from TB infection.


The incidence of TB in cattle is increasing rapidly resulting in major economic losses and increasing human health risks from this zoonotic disease.

Neonatal immunity

Dr Hope has received a grant worth more than £91,000 from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) for her project exploring the role for innate immune cell interactions in BCG vaccinations.

In neonatal calves, BCG vaccination provides them with protection for at least 12 months against the M. bovis strain of tuberculosis.

Why neonates are protected more effectively than adults is a major area of research.

This research, co-supervised by the Moredun Research Institute’s Professor Gary Entrican, will help inform understanding of this issue.

October awards

This BBSRC grant was one of 43 awarded to the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine in October.

The College Science & Engineering received 21 awards.

Among these was a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation supporting research investigating the potential of bacterial nano-particles as oral vaccines against diarrheal diseases.

Grants received by the College of Humanities & Social Sciences included funding for the University of Edinburgh NSPCC Centre for UK-Wide Learning in Child Protection.