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Keeping minds healthy

The Centre for Integrative Physiology has become the first University department to achieve the Healthy Working Lives Mental Health and Wellbeing Commendation award.


The research centre is one of around 20 Scottish workplaces to have achieved this standard.

Good practice

The award sets a standard for good practice in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

It also recognises efforts to support staff with mental health problems and reduce barriers to recruitment for people affected by poor mental health.

The Centre has already been granted the Healthy Working Lives Gold award.

This additional accreditation demonstrates further that the Centre places staff wellbeing at the heart of its values.

Four-year campaign

Centre staff have been working towards the award for four years.

During this period, the team has conducted stress audits, developed a policy on mental health and dignity at work, and offered training sessions on understanding mental health issues.

They are also establishing a network of mentors to help staff members who may be experiencing mental health problems.

The team will continue work to reduce the stigma of mental ill health as part of a three-year action plan.

Photo credit: Gabor Kalman

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