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Principal’s Medal winners

The winners of the Principal’s medals have been announced.

Jake Broadhurst

The inaugural Principal’s Medal for Outstanding Service has been jointly awarded to Karen Bowman, Director of Procurement, and Jake Broadhurst, International Projects Manager.

Dr Chris Speed, Reader in Digital Architecture has received the Principal’s Medal for Service to the Community.

Leadership and excellence

The Principal’s Medal for Outstanding Service was launched in March 2011 to reward staff members who have made an exceptional contribution to the University community.

Ms Bowman has been recognised for her leadership and delivery of excellence in procurement at the University.

She has also been credited for her commitment to embedding sustainability and social responsibility within all aspects of procurement and supply.

Mr Broadhurst has been recognised for his role in developing distance education in health, his contribution to capacity-building educational activities in developing countries, and his involvement in establishing the University’s Global Academies.

Digital innovator

Launched in 2008, the Principal’s Medal for Service to the Community rewards staff or students who make an impactful contribution to the wider community outside the University.

Dr Speed uses digital technology to help people understand concepts of place, time and human experience.

He has applied his research to innovative teaching, which he’s shared both with students of the University and members of the wider Edinburgh community.

As Principal Investigator for the £1.4 million RCUK Digital Economy Project TOTeM, Dr Speed has worked with a wide range of communities throughout national public events including Black History Month and Science Week.

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Dr Chris Speed