Staff news

Switch off for Christmas

University staff members are being reminded that it should not just be their workload that is turned off during the Christmas break.

Before leaving the office, staff should remember to switch off lights and equipment to help the University save energy and money when it is closed for the festive period

Simple steps

Specifically, employees need to:

  • switch off all lights, including Christmas decorations, if they are the last to leave a building or room
  • shut down PCs, switch off monitors and printers, and turn off at the socket if not being remotely accessed
  • make sure no equipment is left on standby and unplug all non-essential items
  • turn off kitchen hot-water boilers
  • close the sash on fume cupboards if they need to continue running
  • close windows and doors to stop heat escaping.

Staff are also encouraged to activate Wake on LAN for remote access to work-based PCs in Hibernate mode.

Information Services provides guidance on how to do this.