Staff news

ERC grant for geoscientists

A team from the School of GeoSciences has been awarded significant funding for a project that explores links between physical built environments and health inequalities.

Edinburgh buildings

The grant, awarded by the European Research Council, is worth more than £1 million for five years.

Information systems

Focussing on Scotland, the team including Professor Jamie Pearce, Dr Niamh Shortt and the University of Glasgow's Professor Richard Mitchell, will investigate the role of various environmental characteristics in shaping health inequalities.

Data from a range of countries will be used to examine the role of the environment in affecting inequalities in patterns of smoking, obesity (nutrition and physical activity), and mental health.

Annual awards totals

The grant was one of 51 granted to the College of Science & Engineering during the month of July, rounding off a consistent year for the College.

New figures from ERI reveal that for the year 2010/11, the College received research awards worth £103,180,785.

The College of Humanities & Social Sciences earned an awards total worth more than £17 million for the year.

The value of awards received by the College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine for the year was more than £62.4 million.

The University attracted a total of 907 awards during the 12 months up to 31 July 2011.