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Online equality training

A new online training resource designed to improve staff understanding of equality and diversity issues has been launched.

The e-Diversity in the Workplace tool has been produced especially for University of Edinburgh staff.

Legislation explained

Users of e-Diversity in the Workplace will:

  • learn the key principles of equalities legislation
  • develop better understanding of broader equality and diversity issues
  • understand their responsibilities as a member of staff.

The online module is being completed by University employees who are most closely involved in equality and diversity matters.

In a number of Schools and departments, all staff are completing the module.

Update your knowledge

Any employee who would like to improve or update their knowedge of equality and diversity is strongly encouraged to do the e-Diversity in the Workplace module.

Access is easy and training can be carried out at the individual’s own pace.

Visit the Equality and Diversity website for details of how to register.

If you would like to promote your school or department’s completion of eDiversity, please contact the Equality and Diversity team.


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