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Network connects CRG experts

A new academic network pooling University-based expertise in corporate responsibility and governance (CRG) is to launch in May.

The network will focus on the broad role of business in society.

Fostering collaboration

This network is a way of bringing us together to share ideas and find ways for collaborating.

Dr Kenneth AmaeshiSenior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business

Dr Kenneth Amaeshi, Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Business with the University of Edinburgh Business School, has launched the project to foster collaboration in the field.

Dr Amaeshi has spent some 10 years specialising in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainability research.

He hopes this new University network will lead to interdisciplinary research projects and joint publications, and that its work will feed into teaching.

Launch event

An event will take place on 11 May to launch the Corporate Responsibility and Governance network.

Staff with research interests or responsibilities in the field are invited to attend.

Dr Amaeshi will deliver a brief presentation on his research.

This will be followed by a focus group session to identify the major themes and directions for the network.

Anyone interested in attending should contact Charis Stewart to register.


Corporate responsibility & governance network

Wednesday 11 May 2011, 11.30am-1.30pm

University of Edinburgh Business School, 29 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh, EH8 9JS

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