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Staff counselling service

The University offers a free and confidential individual counselling service to all members of staff.

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The counselling service gives individuals the opportunity to discuss problems or situations, which are causing concern or distress, either at work or home.

The service aims to help individuals develop a better understanding of their difficulties and how these might be resolved.

Support for couples

In addition to the existing free individual counselling service, the University also offers a couple counselling service for all staff and their partners at a modest cost.

Please note that only one of the couple needs to be a staff member.

The fee for this service will be £35 per session.


All University staff are eligible for the free individual counselling service, regardless of whether you have attended, or plan to attend, couple counselling.

All University staff and partners are eligible to apply for couple counselling.

Attendance at couple counselling will not preclude the staff member from seeking individual counselling at some other time.

However, the individual counselling service cannot be made available to partners, unless they are also employed by the University.

Get in touch to find out more, but please note that the counselling service administrator works part time and may not be able to respond to your enquiry immediately.


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