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Company concepts shortlisted

Eight University projects have been shortlisted in the Edinburgh Bioquarter Innovation Competition.

The competition launched in November to identify new commercial concepts from University of Edinburgh and NHS staff that would benefit both human and animal health.


The shortlisted entries are:

  • AccuoPept, Dr Thierry LeBihan (Centre for Systems Biology, The University of Edinburgh)
  • Acid Test, Dr Christopher French (Institute of Structural & Molecular Biology, The University of Edinburgh)
  • CerebrAid™, Professor Peter Andrews (Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, the University of Edinburgh) and Dr Bridget Harris (NHS)
  • CIRINCA, Professor Manfred Auer, Dr Steven Shave and Dr A Knox (Institute of Structural and Molecular Biology, The University of Edinburgh)
  • DietPhone™, Michael Clapham and Ken Aitchison (NHS)
  • D:UDES, Dr Jackie Charlton et al (NHS)
  • pH Test, Dr Sarah Harris (School of Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences, The University of Edinburgh)
  • Pharmatics Limited, Dr Felix Agakov (Centre for Population Health Sciences
  • Speckled Computing, Professor D K Arvind and Janek Mann (School of Informatics, The University of Edinburgh
  • Anonymous (currently in patent process).

Awards ceremony

These successful company concepts will be presented to a second independent panel of judges.

The winners and runners-up will be announced on 7 July 2011.

The quality of entries for this inaugural competition has been excellent. Concepts like these form the basis of Edinburgh’s growing reputation for medical commercialisation, building on its world renown for research in a variety of health-related disciplines.

Dr Mike CapaldiCommercialisation Director, Edinburgh BioQuarter


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