Statement on the University’s review of the Code of Student Conduct

The review is currently underway and is due to be completed in June 2022.

The University is committed to the promotion of a positive culture for working and studying, in which all members of our community treat each other with dignity and respect and feel "equally safe".  The University expects all students to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner in their day-to-day activities, including in their dealings with other students, staff and external organisations and has a Code of Student Conduct to deal with allegations of misconduct in a fair and consistent manner.  

The University systematically reviews all of our policies and processes. A review of our Code of Student Conduct is currently underway and is due to be completed in June 2022. 

The review will look in detail at the current policy and process of the Code of Student Conduct and suggest amendments based on our experience of using this in practice.   There will also be a consultation which will include input from the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA), Sports Union and members of staff from across the University. Students will be able to contribute through EUSA and the Sports Union.

All responses provided within the consultation process will be analysed carefully and used to inform the next evolution of the Code.   On completion of the review, the amended policy and process will be presented to the Senate Assessment Progression Regulations Committee before progressing to University Court for final approval. We expect the revised Code to be in place during the next academic year.

Professor Colm HarmonVice Principal (Students), the University of Edinburgh