£1.5m deal to reduce business’ climate impact

Inspiring climate action and innovation is the aim of a new partnership between NatWest and the University.

Academics will deliver a climate education programme to more than 16,000 NatWest Group staff by 2025 as part of the £1.5mn initiative.

They will also provide in-depth training programmes for key staff, so they can help business customers to reduce their climate impact and identify opportunities in being at the forefront of the net zero economy.

Growing awareness

Experts from the University’s Centre for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability will help the bank develop training, tools and content to support colleague education and awareness.

This year will also see the roll out of sector specific climate training programmes across commercial real estate, retail and leisure, and manufacturing divisions.

Significant programme

The Centre for Business, Climate Change and Sustainability are leading the field in this area of research, and we are proud that this new partnership will enable them to further their impact in this sector. Social responsibility and sustainability are central focal points for the University’s 2030 Strategy, and a partnership that promotes the delivery of such a significant climate education programme is at the very heart of what we hope to achieve.

Jonathan Seckl Senior Vice Principal, University of Edinburgh  

Inspiring action

As part of the 2021 partnership with the University, NatWest delivered climate education to more than 13,000 colleagues with focus on climate awareness, climate change and the agriculture sector.

Eighty-five per cent of people who completed the Climate Change Transformation Programme said they were confident ‘knowing how to respond and make decisions on climate change impacts within the organisation’ compared to 32 per cent at the start of the programme.

Accelerating action

Climate education across the bank is central to us reaching our climate ambitions and the UK’s move to a net zero economy. We continue to inspire climate action and innovation through learning and this partnership with the University of Edinburgh will enable us to accelerate this. In the next three years we will continue to improve the climate capability of the bank through co-delivery of a robust and specifically tailored programme of education.  This specialist training will provide the confidence for colleagues to step into climate conversations both within the bank and with customers. Increased knowledge will empower bank colleagues to help businesses across sectors roll out effective and credible transition plans as the UK heads towards a low carbon economy.

James Close Head of Climate Change, NatWest Group

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