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Research ethics and integrity

The College is committed to ensuring that research ethics, integrity and governance are firmly embedded in our ethos and culture.

The College fosters a culture of responsible research conduct as part of our commitment to excellent research, in line with the University's policies and the Universities UK Concordat. We encourage an ethics-aware culture and support all our researchers to consider ethics at the outset of the research process.

University of Edinburgh Research Integrity policies

Universities UK Concordat

Decision flowchart

A decision flowchart summarising sponsorship and ethics procedures for College research staff and students is available to illustrate the processes in place.


If you require this information in a different format, please contact:

Directors of Research Ethics

The College has appointed two co-directors of Research Ethics who are responsible for oversight of research ethics in College research, including development of an overarching strategy and oversight of its implementation.

They will also provide input to University research ethics policy and processes. If you have any questions or concerns about research ethics within the College, feel free to contact the directors  or email

Dr David Hope

Dr Christine Campbell


Deputy Deans for Research Culture and Integrity

In 2022, the College appointed two Deputy Deans for Research Culture and Integrity. Dr Dorai-Schneiders is responsible for research integrity across the College. Prof Julia Dorin is responsible for Research Culture across the College. If you would like to get in touch with them, email: 

Prof Julia Dorin

Dr Thamarai Dorai-Schneiders

Research misconduct informal reporting form (secured)

How to report alleged research misconduct.

Research integrity and misconduct

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The University's research integrity and data governance policies, including researcher responsibilities and how to deal with research misconduct.

Sponsorship and governance

Picture of a scientist in a lab coat decanting a blood sample from a tube in their gloved hands to a tube on a rack.
Key governance procedures and contacts for research studies involving animals, or humans, their tissue and/or data.

Research ethics support

Key ethics procedures and contacts for obtaining ethical opinion for research studies conducted by CMVM researchers

Research ethics in the international context

Doctor holding glass globe
Additional ethics, governance and management information for international research.

Contact us

If you have any questions about research ethics, please contact EMREC ( If you have any questions about research integrity, please contact the Deputy Deans for Research Culture and Integrity (