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Research integrity

Information for researchers on relevant policies, codes of practice, training, guidance and support on research integrity.

What is research integrity?

Research Integrity means conducting research in such a way that allows others to have confidence and trust in the methods and the findings of the research. It relates both to the scientific integrity of conducted research and to the professional integrity of researchers.

Our commitment

The University of Edinburgh is committed to maintaining the highest standards of research integrity in all aspects of its research.

Researchers' responsibilities

Researchers' responsibilities relating to research integrity and ethics.

Research Integrity learning

University policies and guidance; key funder policies; training courses and support resources

Research misconduct

Understanding research misconduct and how to report it.

Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group (REIRG)

Information on the University of Edinburgh Research Ethics and Integrity Review Group

Annual Research Ethics and Integrity Reports

Links to the University of Edinburgh's annual Research Ethics and Integrity reports

Gender Equality Plan

The University of Edinburgh meets the European Commission’s Horizon Europe requirements for an organisational Gender Equality Plan (GEP) through the work of our Gender Equality Subcommittee.

Need help?

Key points of contact across the University for research integrity and ethics related queries