College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Our Research

Our College ‘One Medicine, One Health’ strategy is built upon integration of research from bench to bedside and from process to population.

  • Our approach ranges from molecules to man, from bench to bedside, from process to population - and 'from lab to labrador'
  • We have had a 30 year strategy of interdisciplinarity and integration of basic and clinical sciences
  • Research programmes within the College explicitly link biomedicine and veterinary medicine, promoting the concept of "One Medicine"

Research Excellence

Optima scientist
The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) results reaffirmed the College’s reputation as one of the world’s leading centres of medical and veterinary medical research.

Research News

Catching street dogs for Mission Rabies vaccine study
Research at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine is ever-evolving; keep up.

Research Impact

In Columbia with oxen
Medical and veterinary medical research at the University of Edinburgh has impact in more than 100 countries, including many developing countries.

Research in a Nutshell

Chicken Behaviour and Welfare
Research in a Nutshell is an online collection of 1 minute videos introducing the University of Edinburgh's academic staff and their research.

Edinburgh Research Explorer

A researcher wears laboratory protective gear
Browse the full range of our Research activities at the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Research ethics and integrity

The University of Edinburgh is committed to ensuring that research ethics, integrity and governance have a high profile and are firmly embedded in the University’s ethos and culture.

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We are the UK’s only unified College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Our research is consolidated in multidisciplinary research Centres. These Centres are clustered within contemporary research Institutes located next to hospitals on three major translational research campuses, linking with research excellence in the other Colleges.

The College has five major Research Institutes.  Each institute has over 500 members of staff and postgraduate research students.  They are:

  • The Queen’s Medical Research Institute
  • The MRC Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine
  • The Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics
  • Edinburgh Neuroscience
  • The Roslin Institute

Institutes, Centres, Facilities and Cross-Campus Networks

Research Support and Commercialisation

We offer comprehensive support for our researchers and collaborators; in both research and commersialisation activities.

Research Support and Commercialisation

Nurturing talent

We are committed to recruiting and retaining the most talented early career researchers, and developing our culture of translation of research to maximise impact on health and wealth.

Career Development