What STACK does

STACK (the System for Teaching and Assessment using a Computer algebra Kernel) is an online assessment package for mathematics.  This open-source system helps you build sophisticated assessments for STEM which challenge your students and provides feedback to help them improve their performance and understanding.

  • STACK demonstration site
  • STACK questions include:
    • Full algebraic input with validation and feedback
    • Multi-choice questions
    • Line by line reasoning
    • Dimensional numerical quantities

Why use STACK

  • Mathematical sophistication enables helpful feedback
  • Forgiving input mechanism separates “validity” from “correctness”
  • Reliability
  • Scales to large groups
  • Integration with learning management systems
  • Large user community and available resource banks
  • Open source

STACK is used at hundreds of sites, and in a wide range of languages including English, Finnish, German, Japanese and many others.

STACK is based on over a decade of research and development.

STACK is a dedicated question type for

  • Moodle

STACK can be intergrated more widely via

  • LTI
  • Dedicated question API


STACK questions are a very flexible design.

Use of a full computer algebra system:

  • Randomly generated mathematical questions.
  • Assessment of mathematical properties.
  • Feedback based on a student's answer.
  • Genuine mathematics models, e.g. SI units.
  • Line by line reasoning.

... and many others.

As an open source project, we welcome contributions.

  • Example questions
  • Research on effective use
  • Dedicated integration with other learning systems
  • Extensions of the core system
  • Commercial partners

Please contact us. 


Frequently Asked Questions about STACK.