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City Region Deal

Our aim is to work with partners to establish the region as the data capital of Europe, attracting investment, fuelling entrepreneurship and delivering inclusive growth.

About the Data-Driven Innovation initiative

From food production and climate change, to exploring Space and genetically-tailored healthcare, the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) initiative is a cluster of innovation hubs that bring academic disciplines together to delve into some of the world’s most pressing challenges – using data to innovate.

The Data-Driven Innovation hubs

The Data-Driven Innovation initiative has helped establish - and exists to support - six data-driven innovation ‘hubs’, which house expertise and facilities to help 10 industrial sectors become more innovative through data.

Connecting academics and industry

DDI infographic
The DDI initiative aims to get researchers working together at the crossroads of academic disciplines, where exciting innovations take place.

Opportunities for academic staff

The DDI initiative has created many opportunities for academic engagement ranging from running institutes and major projects, to programme design to improve graduates’ data skills, and applying research to real-world challenges.