Literatures, Languages & Cultures

Undergraduate study

Choose from a wide range of single and joint honours degrees spanning 16 subjects across literatures, languages and cultures.

As global dynamics shift, an appreciation of diverse languages, literatures and cultures becomes ever more relevant, critical and sought after. Influencing the world since 1583, the University of Edinburgh is the ideal place to further your understanding.


Our School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures (LLC) offers one of the widest range of languages of any UK university, from Chinese to Scottish Gaelic. We teach all six official languages of the United Nations, and eight of the languages of the European Union. Based in the first UNESCO City of Literature, we are home to the oldest department of English Literature in the UK - one of the longest established in the world - and the oldest Celtic department in Scotland. Arabic has been taught here for over 260 years.

Our international community is based at the heart of the University of Edinburgh, drawing connections between people and cultures both within and beyond our School, and thriving on our place in a global festival city. Surrounded by world-class resources and collections, we encourage flexible, interdisciplinary learning, with four year undergraduate degrees specifically designed to enable choice and broaden minds.

Our graduates tell us that they value LLC’s friendliness, the connections they have made here and the in-depth guidance of our staff, who are experts in their field and passionate about what they do. We are proud of our traditions, but we are also a place of bold experimentation, always curious.

Your learning at a glance

  • You can take our 16 core subjects as single honours degrees, or jointly with one of a wide range of other subjects in the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh.
  • You’ll complete a four-year MA degree. If you’re studying a language, your third year will typically be spent in full, or in part, in a country where the language is spoken.  If not, studying abroad is optional.
  • You’ll engage with a broad range of subjects in your first two years, and specialise thereafter, developing your expertise in the areas that interest you most. This flexible approach may enable you to change the focus of your degree.
  • There are lots of support systems to help you with your learning, from your Personal Tutor to our web-based hub, Support for Success in LLC.
  • You’ll be based at the heart of the University of Edinburgh, in the city’s historic centre, close to the Main University Library and the National Library of Scotland. Our festival city is bursting with cinemas, theatres, music venues, museums and galleries, and we have over 280 student societies.

What can I study?

Asian Studies

If you’d like to study on any of our undergraduate programmes, you must apply through UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. There’s lots of information about the application process on the University of Edinburgh website, including detailed entrance requirements and fees.

Go to the University of Edinburgh web page on how to apply for undergraduate study

When can I visit?

Our undergraduate Open Days are a great chance to find out about student life in Edinburgh from the people who know it best: our students and staff. For potential students wishing to start their undergraduate degree in 2020, this year's Open Days are on 10th June 2019, 21st September 2019 and 5th October 2019

Go to the University of Edinburgh web page on undergraduate Open Days 

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