Celtic & Scottish Studies

Undergraduate study | Gaelic & Primary Education

Choose between two innovative MA Hons degrees delivered by Moray House School of Education.

Introduced in 2015, these degree programmes are a partnership between Celtic and Scottish Studies and Moray House School of Education, where they are delivered.

There are two programmes to choose from:

MA Primary Education with Gaelic (Learners) / MA Urram Foghlam Bunsgoil le Gàidhlig (Luchd-ionnsachaidh)

A five-year degree for students with no previous knowledge of Gaelic.

MA Primary Education with Gaelic (Fluent Speakers) / MA Urram Foghlam Bunsgoile le Gàidhlig (Fileantaich)

A four-year degree for students with a Higher in Gàidhlig or Gaelic.

The programmes have been developed to help meet the national shortage of Gaelic teachers and to enhance the professional capacity of future teachers.

For full programme information, please see the Moray House School of Education website

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