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Who's Watching Who now?

Film, Exhibition and Curation graduates Camilla Baier and Lauren Clarke tell us about screening ‘Writing Ensemble’ as part of the Being Human festival of engagement with humanities research.

Meet our graduates: Jack Smith

Based in the British Embassy in Beijing, Jack graduated in 2008 with an MA Hons degree in Chinese. He is Senior Communications Manager for UK Research and Innovation China.

Meet our graduates: Gemma Burnside

A photo of Gemma participating in a panel event at the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
A Development Officer for Lothians Equal Access Programme in Schools (LEAPS), Gemma graduated in 2011 with an MA Hons degree in French and Linguistics.

Meet our graduates: Hazel Wilson

A Policy Manager in International Futures within Scottish Government, Hazel graduated in 2010 with an MA Hons degree in French, Italian and EU Studies.

Meet our graduates: Rosanna Hall

A two-time Edinburgh graduate, Rosanna now works as a playwright, theatre facilitator and opportunity coordinator for hard-to-reach young people, care leavers and young offenders.

Meet our graduates: Brandon Shalansky

Originally from British Columbia, Brandon completed our MSc in Playwriting and now works between the UK and Canada where he’s under commission with the Fred Skeleton Theatre Company.

Eight fantastic graduates share their ‘life after LLC’ stories

Final year students hear from languages and literature alumni on making the most of their chosen degrees.

Meet our graduates: Mairi Wilson

An English Literature graduate, Mairi now works as a copywriter for Cello Signal. She is the author of the company’s perspective piece on social media and the Christmas advert race.

Meet our graduates: Ella Leith

Having studied Scottish Ethnology as both an undergraduate and postgraduate, Ella has developed particular expertise in British Sign Language storytelling in Scottish deaf communities.

Meet our graduates: Manon Haag

A graduate of our MSc in Film, Exhibition and Curation, Manon is the Marketing Co-ordinator of the Africa in Motion film festival.

Meet our graduates: Bruce Thomson

Having recently completed an MA (Hons) degree in Scandinavian Studies, Bruce has gone on to win an Emerging Translator Mentorship funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy.

Meet our graduates: Carolina Orloff

A Latin American Literature PhD graduate, Carolina is the co-founder of publishing house, Charco Press.

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