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Short courses in Gaelic.

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We're delighted you're interested in learning Gaelic!

  • If you have no previous experience of the language, please enrol on the any of the Beginners Step 1 courses when available. 
  • For those with some knowledge of the language, please take a look at our Language Level Self-assessment for Gaelic.
  • Still unsure? Please email and one of our tutors will contact you within 5 days to help you choose the correct level.
  • Further descriptions of the CEFR framework and competencies at each level can be found on our Language Levels pages.

Term 1 (from end of September 2024)


Course fee: £175/Click here for help with fees and discounts


Gaelic Beginners Step 1 (Online)

  • Monday, 30 September (17:30-19:00) 10 weeks 


Gaelic Beginners Step 1

  • Tuesday, 01 October (11:10-12:40) 10 weeks 
  • Tuesday, 01 October (17:30-19:00) 10 weeks 
  • Wednesday, 02 October (19:15-20:45) 10 weeks 


Gaelic Elementary Step 1 

  • Wednesday, 02 October (11:10-12:40) 10 weeks 
  • Wednesday, 02 October (17:30-19:00) 10 weeks 


Gaelic Elementary Step 4 (Online)

  • Tuesday, 01 October (19:15-20:45) 10 weeks


Gaelic Intermediate Step 1 (Online)

  • Monday, 30 September (19:15-20:45) 10 weeks


Gaelic Upper Intermediate Step 1 (Online)

  • Monday, 30 September (17:30-19:00) 10 weeks 


Cleachd i: Returning to Gaelic Step 1 (Online)

  • Monday, 30 September (19:15-20:45) 10 weeks 



Booking Deadline

Courses will close for booking 8 days before the course start date. Book early to secure your place and avoid disappointment!

Course Sponsored by Board na Gaidhlig

Our Gaelic course Cleachd i: Returning to Gaelic running in Term 1, 2 and 3 is sponsored by Board na Gaidhlig. 


Other Ways to Learn Gaelic at Edinburgh

Gaelic is also available to all University of Edinburgh students (undergraduate and postgraduate) as a credit course.

Browse Credit Courses in Open Languages 

If you’re an undergraduate student at the University of Edinburgh, you can take Gaelic as an outside subject in one or both of Years 1 and 2 of your programme, depending on your timetable and prior knowledge.

Find out more about outside subjects