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CCAA - Critical Care

Collaboration for Research Implementation and Training for Critical Care in Asia and Africa, is an international multidisciplinary research collaborative of clinicians, researchers and patients working together to improve care for the critically ill and their families.

The collaborative's aim is to enable equitable, international data-driven research and service improvement for critical care. CCAA partners with the Pandemic Science Hub and the University of Edinburgh's Institute for Regeneration and Repair. 

Our Research Themes

The collaborative's research priorities are chosen by its stakeholders. Research themes include infectious diseasespandemic surveillance, antimicrobial resistance,critical care epidemiology and improving recovery for survivors of critical illness. The collaborative’s core is a federated digital platform which supports care quality registries in 17 countries. The platform also supports registry embedded clinical trials, observational research studies and genetic research, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate research training. The platform and its international data repository is hosted and managed by a LMIC data coordinating centre, pioneering independent LMIC hosted international health research


CCAA investigators lead on and participate in a wide range of research and stakeholder engagement programmes with partners internationally. 

UoE research collaborators: