Polyphonic murders: A holographic biography of trauma

HCA Polyphonic Murders

This unique event presents historic murders through the lenses of forensics scientists and artists. The violent act of murder is transformed in a different storytelling experience with holograms, animations, 3D prints, virtual reality and creative artworks.

Alongside drop-in activities across the shopping centre (including an exhibition in the unit next to Debenhams, ground floor), there will be a series of games and talks at the Living Memory Association (First Floor, next to Debenhams). All events are free, with refreshments available, but limited so please reserve below to guarantee a space!

This event is run in partnership with Dig It, E-VR, Leith Labs and Ocean Terminal as part of the Leith Festival.



12.00-13.00 Time-Travelling Assassins

This is an interactive game for children over 10-years-old. Adults also welcome!

A number of dangerous criminals have escaped their time through a time-travelling machine and they are hiding in the Ocean Terminal, looking like ordinary people of the twenty-first century. Will you help us find them? Come to Ocean Terminal on Sunday and you can be recruited as our Detective and help us catch them to return them to their time! 



Forensic investigation of violent deaths by chronological order

The forensic team of 'Polyphonic Murders' is unwrapping the circumstances of death of six individuals that lived and died in different periods. From the third century to the twenty-first, from Spain to Scotland, these historical murders are investigated using state of the art forensic methodology and the results presented with the aid of 3D technology and visualisation techniques.

14.00-14.10 'The life and death of a Pictish man' by Laura Kate Girdwood

14.10-14.20 ‘The Can Pere Arabi burial from Ibiza, Spain’ by Julieta Gomez Garcia-Donas

14.20-14.30 ‘The St. John’s massacre’ by Andrea Bonicelli

14.30-14.40 ‘Whitefriars. War casualty or victim of domestic violence’ by Indigo Reeve

14.40-14.50 ‘The homicide victim of an anatomy collection’ by Mara Karell

14.50-15.00 ‘Mafia-style execution?’ by Elena Kranioti

Violence in Art

15.15-15.30 ‘Light as a character’ by Samuel Garcia-Vargas

The creator of “Genesis 4 ,10” Samuel Garcia-Vargas is talking about the source of his inspiration ‘Light in photography is not only used to properly illuminate a scene but also to represent abstract ideas or even to be itself the main character of a picture… ’

15.30-15.45 ‘The theatre of violence’ by Elena Kranioti

A series of philosophical dialogues on the question of violence conducted by Brad Evans for The Stone, ‘a forum for contemporary philosophers and other thinkers’ in The New York Times and moderated by Simon Critchley, professor of philosophy at The New School.


Polyphonic Murders project website

Dr Elena Kranioti's staff profile

Leith Festival

Dr Elena Kranioti's staff profile

Leith Festival

Jun 17 2018 -

Polyphonic murders: A holographic biography of trauma

The Edinburgh Unit for Forensic Anthropology at University of Edinburgh presents 'Polyphonic Murders' events as part of the Leith Festival. (Published 4 June, 2018).

Ocean Terminal, Ocean Drive, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6JJ